Khachapuri: The Calorie Question We Never Want to Answer

If you’ve ever been to our restaurant and tried our signature Khachapuri bread boat, you know it’s an indulgent, cheesy masterpiece. It’s the kind of dish you simply can’t resist digging into and savoring every single bite without a care in the world.

That’s exactly the mindset we want our guests to have when they dine with us. An experience free of restriction, guilt, or calorie counting. Because at the end of the day, the most important “nutritional” value a meal can have is the happiness and joy it brings.

A few years back, someone asked, “How many calories are in your Khachapuri?” At first, we actually entertained trying to figure it out. We gathered up the ingredients, referred to charts, and started jotting down numbers. But as we calculated the calories from the yeasted dough, multiple kinds of cheeses, eggs, and butter, a surprising realization hit me.

I didn’t want to know the answer.

At that moment, I tore up the scribbled notes, crumpled them, and tossed them straight into the fireplace. As the papers turned to ash, I had an epiphany – No one should be focused on counting calories when they’re indulging in this Georgian delicacy. It robs you of the true pleasure.

You see, Khachapuri is more than just a bread bowl stuffed with cheese. It’s a centuries-old culinary tradition carried down through generations, crafted with time-honored techniques, and meant to be savored bite-by-bite. It’s connected to artisans like our “Khachapuri Aunties” who pour their passion and cultural pride into everyone they make by hand.

When you join us to experience Khachapuri, we want you to embrace that connection to heritage and flavor fully. To laugh with loved ones, and get lost in the comforting cheesy aroma wafting from those freshly baked boats arriving at your table. Not once should you worry about calories or nutrition numbers.

So these days, whenever someone inquires about the calorie count, we simply smile and respond “The only calorie that matters is the number of smiles and memories this Khachaprui creates.” We encourage you to indulge wholeheartedly, going in for that delicious cheesy bite without holding back.

At our restaurant, we’ll never put a number on something designed to warm hearts, bring people together, and ultimately just make you feel good. And really, isn’t that the most satisfying nourishment of all?