• Savoring Authenticity: How to Know Your Adjaruli Khachapuri is Made the Right Way
    As you embark on a culinary journey to explore the flavors of Georgia, one dish that undoubtedly stands out is the Adjaruli Khachapuri. This iconic boat-shaped bread filled with a delectable blend of cheese, eggs, and butter is a masterpiece of Georgian cuisine. But how can you be sure that the Adjaruli Khachapuri you’re savoring … Read more
  • Beyond Pizza: Unveiling the Delicious Secrets of Georgian Khachapuri
    Just as there are countless pizza variations around the world, Khachapuri comes in an array of styles, each with its unique twist. The most iconic form is the Adjarian Khachapuri, a boat-shaped bread filled with a molten mix of cheese, butter, and egg. The Imeretian Khachapuri is a round, open-faced version, showcasing the rich cheese … Read more
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    Khachapuri is becoming increasingly popular as a breakfast option for Americans. We will show you why! Georgian food is invisible to most Americans, but it’s beloved by those who know what really tastes good. From customers around the US: “It almost reminds me of a calzone-but open-faced! Plus eggs and no tomatoes (though there are … Read more
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